Operation and business
intelligence automation

NOC SOC Operation Gtsaas

Monitoring Phases: NOC/SOC

  • Fault Monitoring & Trouble-Ticketing
    • Ticket opening
    • Alarm Enrichment & Event normalization
    • Resolution orchestration process
    • Escalation process
  • Event Correlation
    • Automatic multi-domain filtering
    • Machine Learning Root Cause Analysis
    • Event Predictability and Early Detection
    • Automated Knowledge Base
  • Event Resolution and Fault Prevention
    • Basic Function Restoring / Self-healing
    • Automated provisioning / configuration
    • Closed-loop automation – 5G, Cloud services
    • Virtualized Environments
NOC/SOC System - Gtsaas

Benefits of automation

Lower operational expense. By eliminating tedious and manual processes through automated and orchestrated infrastructures, you not only extend your network’s capabilities but also achieve a faster ROI.
Reduces errors and builds resiliency. In addition to automating manual tasks to minimize network errors, many solutions automatically respond to network errors without intervention, improving business resiliency and ensuring employees have access to the applications and data they need whenever they need it.
Reduce operational complexity through simplification and abstraction, enabling customers to deploy new network services faster, and improve capacity utilization and network resiliency through deep telemetry.