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“If an organization isn’t prepared, a cyber attack can damage investor and customer confidence, impact business operations and finances, and do long-term harm to its reputation. Viruses. Phishing. Malware infections. Malpractice by employees. Espionage. Data ransom and theft. Fraud. Cybercrime is now a leading risk to all businesses.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions address a variety of complex security requirements and can help you build a resilient business to persevere through cyber challenges.”

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Penetration Testing

We deliver world-class penetration testing services to organizations of all sizes, and in many varied industries, including high-tech, financial services, entertainment, heavy industry, and more.

Our highly experienced and certified team performs detailed network, web application, mobile, wireless, IoT, social engineering, and other forms of penetration tests. Our team trains thousands of people per year in the art of high-business-value, deeply technical penetration testing.

We focus on providing pen test results in detailed, highly visual, and easy-to-understand engagement reports that will enable you to make immediate improvements to protect your organization from the latest threats.

Security Architecture Review

As your organization designs and evolves its infrastructure, applications, and services, you need a trusted source to ensure that your architectural plans are safe and sound.

GTSAAS provides best-of-breed security architecture reviews utilized by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including our detailed review of White House plans for the Trusted Internet Connection architecture.

Our experts provide a thorough review of your organization’s security architecture, as well as ongoing support on implementation of recommended technology modifications and process changes.

Threat Hunting

Suspect a compromise of your systems? Our expert team can help you set up systems to thwart intruders and find them through analyzing logs and monitoring systems. Using industry leading tools often created by the Counter Hack partner, we can help you respond and repel attackers before they cause harm to your organization.

Expert Witness

We work with The Counter Hack crew, who has provided expert witness services on more breach cases than any other organization in the world. With a comprehensive analysis of the technical details of each case, we provide deep, expert help in understanding an attack and the available defenses to prepare your case.

Cyber Security Testing Benefits

1. Meet Compliance

Every business faces the need to stay compliant with industry-specific and general laws, such as banks that must comply with PSD2 and GDPR.

Even the smallest slip can lead to legal battles, millions in remediation and a damaged reputation. Cyber security testing helps businesses prove and maintain compliance.

2. Uncover Vulnerabilities

Constantly patching workstations, devices and network hardware isn’t an easy job but it can’t be ignored.

Hackers use these commonly known vulnerabilities to deliver ransomware and trojans. Many companies struggle to stay on top of all the vulnerabilities that exist.

3. Identify Threats

Many cybercriminals follow recognised Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). We use these proven methodologies to replicate attacks. If successful, organisations gain a deeper understanding of what types of attacks they’re most vulnerable to.