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Migration to cloud is vital for companies which are looking for digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while preparing for disruption. So, Cloud Migration is the process of moving data, applications and business elements to a cloud computing environment.
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Cloud Strategy execution Consulting Services & Capabilities

The main requirement in this phase is to build a reliable, cost-effective, safe and realistic plan for the execution of the cloud migration strategy. This plan should consider all the dimensions from operational to business perspective, allowing the customer to remain in business-as-usual mode while the migration is executed, the data integrity and security is guaranteed and, at the same time, the benefits from a financial perspective are easily perceived in the short-term so everybody within the organization, from the Board of Directors to the operations staff are convinced about the transformation process is not a nice-to-have stage in the business evolution but a compelling need requiring to be fulfilled towards the success of the full organization.


The experience, the knowledge and the best practices are fundamental to assure the migration to the cloud will be one of the most important pillars supporting the growth of our customers. And we have all of them as an experienced professional consultancy firm.

Entries/ Requirements for the project

  • Business strategy update
  • Operational processes
  • KPIS
  • Technical details about application and user management process
  • IT infratestructure requirement specifications
  • Interview/Comments
  • Cost Data


  • Business process analysis
  • System architecture design
  • Financial Analysis
  • Deployment and data migration path
  • Contingency and rollback strategy


  • Project plan for excution
  • Transition Plan
  • Cloud enviroment specifications
  • Deployment excecution of system architecture
  • Data migration process
  • Operation validation and handover